A Growing Trend of Custom Wedding Cake Toppers Helps Make Your Reception an Event to Remember

The wedding industry is a multimillion dollar industry and just when you think that they can’t get any more money out of brides, a new trend pops up that is quickly sweeping receptions all over America. The new trend of cake toppers is almost a must for any bride at her reception. Years and years ago, there were not very many selections for what to put on top of your wedding cake at your reception. The choices were two figurines or flowers of your choice. Eventually, designers realized that there was a market for customized cake figurines. You were able to have your figurines have the same hair color as the couple. Now, there is no limit to what you can have on top of your wedding cake. There is a cake topper for everyone.

A Google search on the topic of cake toppers can be mind-blowing as there are thousands of difference websites with staggering selections. There is a site for the Harley Davidson minded couple that has two figurines on any number of Harley models. If you and your husband-to-be are sports fans, there are many sites that have sports-themed cake toppers. Through this particular site, you can order your couples in different team jerseys or in any type of sporting gear. Some of the selections you can order are football, soccer, golf, fishing, baseball, and even rugby.

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Another specialty site that was very popular was the armed services figurines. These are becoming more popular with so many men and women in the armed services now. Using these websites, you can order the groom in formal uniforms with the bride or even the bride in uniforms. There were many comments on this site from customers that purchased their cake toppers for their wedding and had gotten so many great comments on their cake.

Finally, there were also sites that offered more whimsical and humorous bride and groom wedding cake toppers. For the whimsical side, they offered Mickey and Minnie mouse cake toppers and even a bride and groom PEZ dispenser cake topper. The more funny ones were figurines of the bride dragging the groom up to the alter and even the bride pinching the groom’s behind. Whatever the situation is in terms of your wedding, the reception, and the particular interests of the bride and groom, you can now find wedding favors that match. At last, brides all over the world can really make their cake as special and unique as they are for their special day that they’ve been dreaming about for years.

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